2024 Summer Intersession Program Application

The Koʻolau Limu Project, in collaboration with Kanuikapono PCS, is excited to announce open registration for the Papa Lawaiʻa Kauwela 2024 summer intersession program! This unique program prioritizes Kanaka Maoli methods of self-sufficiency by immersing participants in culture-based practices such as fishing (ʻoihana lawaiʻa), cultivating native Hawaiian plants (Laʻau Hawaiʻi), and food preparation (hoʻomākaukau meaʻai). Additionally, participants will explore history (moʻolelo), songs and chants (mele), and dance (hula), all of which promote health and wellness (mauli ola).

Open to children in grades 3-8, with a preference for residents of Koʻolau Kauaʻi, this program offers a holistic approach to learning that fosters pride in cultural heritage and encourages sustainable practices. The partnership between the Koʻolau Limu Project and Kanuikapono PCS underscores a commitment to community support and the preservation of traditional knowledge. By empowering youth to connect with their culture and environment, the Papa Lawaiʻa Kauwela program aims to cultivate future leaders and stewards of their community.

June 11th –  21st, 2024 – 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

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