ʻAe Like

Staff + Student Agreement / Code of Conduct

  • Pono (Righteousness): I agree to behave in a way that is morally correct and righteous; I agree to follow school rules and expectations.

  • Aloha (Love): I agree to act with aloha to those around me at all times.

  • ʻImi Naʻauao (Seek knowledge and wisdom): I agree to continually seek knowledge about myself and others.

  • Mālama (To care for): I agree to care for myself, others, and the ʻāina at all times.

  • Hoʻolohe (To listen): I agree to listen to others to gain understanding.

  • Alu Like (Work together): I agree to positively and productively work with others towards common goals.

  • Hoʻokipa (Hospitality): I agree to be welcoming and hospitable to all.

  • Lokomaikaʻi (Generosity and kindness): I agree to be generous and kind to all toward others.

  • Kuleana (Responsibility): I agree to fulfill my responsibilities.

  • Hoʻihi (Respect): I agree to respect myself, others, and the ʻāina.

  • Hoʻomau (To persevere and perpetuate [Hawaiian Culture]): I agree to persevere and perpetuate the Hawaiian culture.

  • ʻOhana (Family): I agree to respect and care for my family and my school community.

  • Mākaukau (Ready, prepared): I agree to be prepared for all events and circumstances related to my role in my school community.

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