Educational Student Learner Results

Our students and graduates will:

  • Practice and perpetuate Hawaiian language, values, culture, arts, and history.

  • Demonstrate a strong set of core academic skills and behaviors.

  • Read, write, speak, and listen critically and reflectively.

  • Solve complex problems using appropriate processes and procedures.

  • Actively support their community and environment through responsible leadership, service, and individual choices.

  • Exhibit self-confidence, readiness to face challenges, and demonstrate the ability to work and think independently as well as to collaborate and cooperate with others.

Hawaiian Focused Charter School Vision of the Graduate

  • Respect and honor genealogy

  • Recognize and accept leadership roles to manifest cultural knowledge

  • Know a place (history, resources) as a piko and a foundation for making larger connections

  • Understand the importance of reciprocal relationships and responsibilities in a cultural context

College, Career, Community Readiness

  • Communicate effectively (verbal, oral, technologies), a lifelong learner for future competence, able to plan to attain future goals, provide adequately for self and family

Elementary (K – 5)

The Elementary program serves grades K-5 and provides a comprehensive curriculum to build foundational knowledge in Hawaiian culture and deliver a standards-aligned education in science, math, language arts and social studies.  The EL (formerly Expeditionary Learning) program is the foundation of our language arts instruction and focuses on mastery of knowledge and skills, character education, and high quality student work. Singapore Math is used in all grade levels to build a sequence of in-depth, hands-on application of real world mathematical concepts. Classrooms use a multimodal approach and incorporate project-based learning practices to engage and meet the needs of all learners.

Middle School (6-8)

The Middle School program for grades 6-8 provides a supportive structure for the transitory years between elementary and high school. Students experience academic rigor, increased independence, and a focus on interdisciplinary, project-based learning in our virtual hybrid program of face-to-face and online courses. The EL (formerly Expeditionary Learning) Language Arts curriculum is continued in Middle School with a focus on social justice.  The math program is a blend of online learning utilizing Edgenuity and STEMD2, a Hawaiian culture and project-based curriculum using real-world math. Students will follow math standard activities that have been adopted after Hawaiian traditions, history and natural environment.

We aim to support the math learning process for 6th, 7th and 8th graders through activities that excite students about learning. Middle School students apply knowledge and skills of Hawaiian culture through service-based projects and community partnerships. Science and Social Studies also provides a blended learning experience of online Edgenuity courses, as well as project-based learning around year-long grade level themes grounded in Hawaiian Culture are implemented in the Exploratory Wheel. Students also take part in Advisory courses at each grade level to provide Social-Emotional and Health and Wellness guidance and character development.

High School (9 -12)

The High School Program at Kanuikapono serves the diverse needs of students in grades 9-12 to offer a personalized learning approach to prepare for college and career readiness through specific program tracks and project-based learning. High School students apply knowledge and skills of Hawaiian culture through service-based projects and community partnerships. Required standards-aligned content area courses are delivered in a blended model, using face-to-face instruction and the online Edgenuity program. Additional courses are offered through Kauai Community College and County agencies and partnerships in Track areas. There are three main tracks in the Kanuikapono High School program:

  • Track 1: Kanuikapono High School Diploma/Academic Honors Diploma
  • Track 2: Polynesian Voyaging Certificate (Kauai Community College)
  • Track 3: Career and Technical Education (Lifeguard, Firefighter, and Agriculture Industries)
High School Tracks

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