Hawaiʻi Ponoʻī Coalition is proud to present Hawaiian History Month! In celebration of Queen Liliuʻokalani’s 183rd birthday, is holding their 15th annual Onipaʻa Celebration virtually for its second year in a row! Whereas this is usually a one day event, they have now turned it into a month long celebration. Join Hawaiʻi Ponoʻī Coalition for a series of virtual events throughout the month of September with the following five themes for each week:

  • Week 1 – Hauʻoli Lā Hānau e Liliʻuokalani: Highlights grade 2 (SY20/21),
    Hui Muʻo hōʻike in honor of Queen Liliuʻokalani

  • Week 2 – Hulihia: Imagining New Possibilities

  • Week 3 – Hoʻōla: Hawaiian Health

  • Week 4 – Mele Lāhui: Songs of Our Nation

  • Week 5 – Hana Keaka Hawaiʻi: Stories on Stage